A White, White Day (2020)

  • Fiction, Drama
  • 1h 49m

A White, White Day is a slow burning psychological drama featuring a masterful performance by Ingvar Sigurdsson as grieving police chief, Ingimundur. Struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of his wife in a car accident, he fixates on renovating a house for his beloved 8-year-old granddaughter and her family. When he discovers evidence suggesting his wife was having an affair with an acquaintance, he begins a clandestine investigation that soon spirals into a demented obsession, threatening to overturn his life and endanger his loved ones.

★★★★ “Spiralling rage and stunning force… in this edge-of-seat psychological drama-thriller” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

It’s rare to experience a film which is just so sorted in every respect – emerging talent alert” - Trevor Johnston, Little White Lies


Hylnur Palmason



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