Dune Drifter (2020)

  • Science Fiction, Y/A, F-Rated
  • 1h 38m

When a squadron of rookie pilots arrive in the midst of a space battle they find themselves heavily outnumbered and outgunned. When a trainee pilot and her gunner crash land on an alien planet it looks like they will be marooned unless they can salvage parts from a nearby ship. However, there is another survivor - an enemy pilot who is determined to prevent their escape. With breathtaking cinematography and visual effects, director Marc Price (Colin, LIFF2008 & Nightshooters, LIFF2019) had to radically rethink the film’s shoot when COVID-19 restrictions came in before filming was complete.

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Marc Price





Bonus Content

Dune Drifter Behind the Scenes

Director, Marc Price, and members of the Dune Drifter cast and crew talk about the making of the film, including having to adapt to a COVID-19 lockdown in the middle of shooting. Fascinating insights into the filmmaking process, including set design, SFX and miniatures, sound design, stunts and much much more.

Marc Price Interview

Join Fanomenon programmer Martin Grund as he talks to Marc Price in a Zoom interview about the making of his latest sci-fi epic, Dune Drifter.

Please note the interview was recorded before the government announcement of a second COVID-19 national lockdown, when there was still a plan to screen the film physically in the festival.

Contains occasional strong language

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