Family Unties: International Short Film Competition 6 (2020)

  • Short, F-Rated
  • 1h 44m

Early booking recommended. This programme has a limited number of views available.

The sixth programme in the Academy Award qualifying International Short Film Competition captures the tangling and twisting of family ties in and outside the household, the workplace and the mean city streets. This programme takes us on a winding journey with a blind man through the searing Lisbon heat; back through letters sent in 1980s Greece; through the crusading work of a naïve young medic in Hungary; the seemingly meandering journey of two young Dutch kids following their father on his rounds; the poetics of smell and space in an Indian household before finishing amid the postcolonial, matriarchal culture of rural Jamaica.

The short films included in this programme are:

  • Bella Directed by Thelyia Petraki, Greece 2020
  • Anja Directed by Benő Baranyi, Hungary 2019
  • Invisible Hero (Invisível Herói) Directed by Cristèle Alves Meira, Portugal 2019
  • En Route Directed by Marit Weerheijm, Netherlands 2019
  • The Smell Of Coffee Directed by Nishok Nishok, Singapore 2019
  • Mada (Mother) Directed by Joseph Douglas Elmhirst, Jamaica 2020

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