Honey Cigar (2020)

  • Drama, F-Rated, Y/A
  • 1h 40m

Original Title Cigare au miel

Please note this film contains scenes of rape which may cause distress for some viewers

Kamir Aïnouz’s impassioned semi-autobiographical debut follows Selma, a headstrong French-Algerian teenager, trapped between countries and cultures. Seventeen- year-old Selma lives in Paris with her very traditional and patriarchal Algerian parents. As they start discussing her marriage prospects, Selma experiences a sexual awakening when she falls for her new classmate, Julien. As the family dynamic shifts and Islamist rebel groups start to take over her homeland, Selma begins to discover the power of her own desire and what it means to become a free woman.

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Kamir Aïnouz


French, Berber languages



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