Luxor (2020)

  • Fiction, Drama, Romance
  • 1h 25m

Zeina Durra’s beautifully understated drama builds from a subtle and complex central performance by Andrea Riseborough as a burned out British aid worker on leave in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. It’s a hauntingly beautiful place where she once lived for a short time many years before. When she comes across Sultan (Karim Saleh), an archeologist and former lover, it stirs up old feelings and regrets. Adrift between traumatic experiences in her previous work with another dangerous assignment to come, she struggles to reconcile her past choices with the uncertainty of the present.

★★★★ “A beautifully sparse character study amid Egypt’s ancient glory” - Leslie Felperin, IndieWire

Andrea Riseborough’s performance is a major force. There’s arguably no better actress working today capable of registering regret, sadness, and joy with a simple manipulation of her gaze.” - Ryan Lattanzio, Variety


Zeina Durra


English, Arabic



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