Synchronic (2020)

  • Drama, Sci-Fi, Fiction
  • 1h 42m

From breakout genre filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (The Endless) Synchronic is a mind-bending, haunting sci-fi starring two of Hollywood’s biggest actors Jamie Dornan (The Fall, Fifty Shades of Grey franchise) and Anthony Mackie (The Avengers franchise, Detroit) as two New Orleans paramedics who encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug. Blending mind-bending thrills with relatable emotional turmoil, it has been described as ‘an eccentric and imaginative piece of genre cinema’.

‘★★★★ It’s one of those films which you should see as soon as you can, before enjoying long, spoiler-filled conversations.’ - Dan Jolin, Empire

If the mind-bending and moving Synchronic represents the future of mainstream genre filmmaking, we’re here for it. Hollywood may already be knocking at this duo’s door; if not, then it’s only a matter of time.’ - Don Kaye, Den of Geek


Justin Benson


Aaron Moorhead



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