The Taste of Tea (2003)

  • Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Fantasy, Live Action
  • 2h 23m

*Please note: for this feature you will need to turn on the English subtitles using the ‘cc’ icon once you press play.

The Taste of Tea is a wonderful, surreal and serene comedy about the preoccupations and pastimes of the Haruno family who live in a small town by the mountains near Tokyo. From the eldest family member, the wonderfully eccentric Grandpa who poses for comics and has a unique take on hide and seek - to the youngest, his granddaughter Sachiko who appears to be followed by a 40-foot version of herself, the Harunos are a delight to spend time with.

Here, while there are multiple characters and all manner of oddball excursions, everything is anchored in a gentle, affectionate view of a household whose members are ever so slowly finding themselves. The tea that everybody drinks is warm and restorative, and so is Ishii’s strange, sentimental film.’ - Anton Bitel, Little White Lies

Taste of Tea is refreshingly unreserved—a messy, heartfelt entanglement of tangential indulgences into the wild eccentricities of human behavior.’- Rob Humanick, Slant


Katsuhito Ishii





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