Leeds Queer Short Film Competition 1 (2020)

  • Short, LGBTQ+, F-Rated
  • 1h 34m

Leeds Queer Film Festival is proud to be partnering again with LIFF to select short films focusing on LGBT+ stories. This first programme takes viewers on a journey from Argentina, where a father tenderly accepts and supports his trans son, all the way to Sweden where young queers pull pranks on each other as they exuberantly celebrate life. In between, there’s poetry examining queerness and colonialism, an almost-romance between two men in prison, a woman mourning the death of her brother by connecting with his partner, and squatters in a French house with a past.

The short films included in this programme are:

  • The Name of The Son (El nombre del hijo) Directed by Martina Matzkin, Argentina 2020
  • One Milagro (Un Milagro) Directed by Karla Jimenez-Magdaleno, Spain 2020
  • In Your Hands (Nelle tue Mani) Directed by Lorenzo Maria Chierici, Italy 2020
  • Playback (Ensayo de una despedida) Directed by Agustina Comedi, Argentina 2019
  • Freed (Baltringue) Directed by Josza Anjembe, France 2019
  • Sylvie () Directed by Clem Hue, France 2019
  • 1-1 Directed by Naures Sager, Sweden 2020

To read more information about all the shorts included in this programme please visit: https://www.leedsfilm.com/whats-on/leeds-queer-short-film-competition-programme-1/

Please play this programme using Google Chrome on Android devices or Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Explorer, and Safari for other devices. For more information on technical requirements please visit here.

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