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Leeds Queer Short Film Competition 1

1h 27m Shorts 2022

Leeds Queer Film Festival is honoured once again to be curating the Queer Short Film Competition for LIFF. Since 2005, LQFF has been amplifying queer voices at their own independent festival, and they are always thrilled to see increased LGBTQ+ representation at LIFF. This programme spotlights characters the audience is unlikely to see anywhere else: an Australian First Nations BrotherBoy, a mother who embraces their child’s gender identity but struggles to care for them, and a Reggaeton fairy godmother who just wants to help you have a perfect date.

El Reggaetonero | Eddy Moon | United States | 2022 | 18mins

Minutes before her perfectly planned evening, Lily accidentally summons a genie from a vinyl record. The fairy-godmother-like Reggaetonero is convinced he can help her woo her date, but Lily is skeptical of his methods.

**Shee **| Lia Campbell | United Kingdom | 2023 | 10mins

After an unplanned pregnancy, two Kenyan women weigh up their options about bringing a child into their relationship. Living in a country where same-sex couples cannot yet adopt raises the stakes of this already complicated question.

**I Am Kai **| Bee Cruse | Australia | 2022 | 9mins

Kai, an aboriginal trans man, talks about his experiences with coming out, transitioning, family, and cultural transphobia.

OMOS | Rhys Hollis | United Kingdom | 2023 | 20mins

In a 1594 performance for King James VI, an unnamed Black performer replaced the originally planned live lion, pulling a chariot through the hall. OMOS is a mystical retelling, an homage to many Black performers known to have entertained the Scottish court.

Mud Queen | Nathan Fagan, Luke Daly | Ireland | 2023 | 18mins

A mother loves her 12-year-old child for exactly who they are, but her own struggles with mental health make it difficult for her to provide proper care. An intimate exploration of what really matters when it comes to parenting.

**An Eighth Of Him **| Levi Eddie Aluede | United Kingdom | 2023 | 11mins

Kadell, a drug dealer, begins to realise that he is developing feelings for a long term customer, Ade. As these feelings deepen, Kadell attempts to open up to Ade about his feelings, leading to an unexpected confrontation.

This shorts programme is screening in venues during LIFF 2023. To see a full listing of our film programme please visit our What’s On Page.


English, Spanish


Australia, Ireland, UK, USA