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Leeds Queer Short Film Competition 2

1h 30m Shorts 2022

Since 2018, Leeds Queer Film Festival has proudly curated the Queer Short Film Competition for LIFF. This second programme brings to the screen a range of unique LGBTQ+ experiences: the connection between a trans artist and a trans life drawing model, a disabled young woman looking for her first sexual experience, and the drama that can ensue when you come out to your wife in your local corner shop. Plus a little motivation to clean your room, from an unexpected but very effective source.

**Lifebuoy **| Rajitha Hettiararchchi, Kavindu Sivarajha | Sri Lanka | 2023 | 19mins

Two men, a police lifeguard and a server who works for rich tourists at a beachside resort, share a hidden relationship. A beautiful film that explores homosexual relationships amidst a post-colonial backdrop and culture.

F*KED| Sara Harrak | United Kingdom | 2023 | 6mins

What happens when you come out to your wife in your local corner shop? Things don’t go exactly as planned in this whimsical comedy about sexual identity.

An Avocado Pit | Ary Zara | Portugal | 2022 | 19mins

Larissa, a trans woman and Cláudio, a cis man, meet on the streets of Lisbon late at night. The two forge a connection forged in shared humanity and joy in this wonderfully crafted peaceful film.

**The Sketch **| Tomas Cali | France | 2023 | 9mins

The Sketch is a reflection on the lived experiences of two trans Brazillian immigrants living in Paris, France. It explores the dual isolation experienced by people who are both immigrants and trans, all while blending live-action footage with animation.

Borrowed Hands | Adrián Monroy Molina | Mexico | 2023 | 16mins

A young disabled lesbian woman hires a sex worker in order to experience sex for the first time. After an uncomfortable first encounter in which both are faced with uncomfortable realities, a deep connection is formed after a night out.

Gummies | Renetta G. Amador | United States | 2023 | 5mins

Trapped in a horror-esque world that insists she conform to stereotypical gender expectations, a young tomboy takes matters into her own hands.

**Dismantle Me **| Max Disgrace | United Kingdom | 2023 | 13mins

A comical proposition turns into an arousing powerplay when a confident trans domme woman helps a heartbroken submissive trans man tidy his messy bedroom. BDSM play isn’t just for dungeons!

This shorts programme is screening in venues during LIFF 2023. To see a full listing of our film programme please visit our What’s On Page.


English, French, Portuguese, Sinhala, Spanish


France, Mexico, Portugal, Sri Lanka, UK, USA