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Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition 4

1h 47m Shorts 2022

A tapestry of narratives that sensitively capture the elusive sense of place and (be)longing. In this programme, homeland is redefined through the lens of diasporic identities, the search of roots and familial connections, healing journeys into futuristic realms, and quests for meaning in dystopian landscapes. Bold characters confronting threats in their domestic and communal habitats and eventually coming to terms with inevitable change. An invitation to reflect on our own connections to the past, present, and the places we call home.

**BURNT MILK **| Joseph Douglas Elmhirst | Jamaica | 2023 | 9mins

Una, a young Jamaican woman from the Windrush generation, prepares her traditional condensed milk pudding, isolated in the UK. Spiritual visions transport her to Jamaica, revealing a dark and hypnotic duality between the two worlds.

**Terra Mater **| Kantarama Gahigiri | Rwanda | 2023 | 9mins

An Afro-futuristic ode to the sacred land and heritage of East Africa. An urgent call to repair our vital connection to the Earth and confront the consequences of colonialism, capitalism and environmental destruction.

**White Ant ** | Shalini Adnani | India | 2023 | 14mins

A man returns to his ancestral home to deal with a termite infestation threatening his village. In between reality and dreams, he ends up with the discomfort of memory, decay and the sense of home irreversibly changed.

**Raticide **| João Niza Ribeiro | Portugal | 2022 | 22mins

Carlos finds himself locked out of his bedroom, seized by an unannounced rat intruder. As his reality crumbles, he’s unable to confront the ominous unknown lurking behind that closed door.

A Lost Astronaut and a City of Footprints | Nguyen Nam Khue Vu | Viet Nam | 2022 | 15mins

A Kafkaesque nightmare where each character searches for significance in a dystopian void.This absurdist narrative explores the balance between communal duties and individual liberties within a world bereft of inherent meaning.

**Matapang **| Léa-Jade Horlier | France | 2022 | 24mins

Born from sex tourism in the slums of Angeles City, Manila, twelve-year-old Mary Ann is determined to escape and reunite with her father. A story of innocence and hope, the meaning of identity and family amidst the bleakest of conditions.

**Calcutta 8:40 am **| Adriano Valerio | France | 2022 | 13mins

Yann departs Calcutta to go back to Paris, leaving his son with his mother. With just one night to roam the streets and contemplate his return to the city in a few months, a nostalgic tale of yearning unfolds.

This shorts programme is screening in venues during LIFF 2023. To see a full listing of our film programme please visit our What’s On Page.


English, French, Hindi, Swahili, Tagalog, Vietnamese


France, Jamaica, Portugal, Rwanda, UK, Vietnam